Thursday, 30 January 2020

New year resolutions not too late yet!

The first month of 2020 is  about to end and many of us have started facing a big issue in following our New year resolutions. It's alright if you have failed badly because guys the new year party was still on and we were somewhere stuck in last year's mess, solving some unsolved problems , fighting the boss for the extended and fixing our hangovers.Well we are now finally entering into the new year with all freshness but looks like we have some things bugging us. 'What do I do with all the big list which I made for the new year?','I hardly went for week to the gym', '.. Still smoking 10 cigarettes a day... ' and the list goes on. Well following are some simple things you can follow to ease your stress and head on to your new year 
resolutions steadily:

# More than one resolution
If your new new year resolution is to crack a certain exam then let me tell you it will not really help you. You can instead break it up as - getting up early, never missing a lecture, regular revision,how much marks I need to score in the successive mock tests. Also having only one resolution is not a good thing as you want to evolve every year as a person not just as a teacher, student or an artist. So,add some travelling destinations along with some values which you think are useful and you want to inculcate them into your personality.
# Simple to large
Try to achieve the smaller goals like getting up early, bathing daily, etc. Keep the big things for the later months uptil then you will be all encouraged by your own successes of having abiding by a lot of smaller resolutions.Go steadily and live each day fully and don't think too much of what you missed today and would have to compensate tomorrow. You can keep a track in the diary too.Don't go too harsh on yourselves.
# Write it down
Make a to do list and keep it in your wallet. Go through the resolutions after you wake up and try to be motivated by any one accomplishment of yours.
# Don't get so much on your plate
Maintain peace. If you at any point of time feel you need to drop some resolutions go ahead. A day off from work, a cheat diet is cool.
# Fail and rise again
Have perseverance. Don't get disheartened and keep trying. Discipline yourself to keep going and not get distracted too often. Each day is a new start.
# Forgive and reward
Go easy on yourselves.It won't be a good idea to punish yourself for your failures because failures are very certain and unavoidable. Has it been too easy you wouldn't have been included it as a resolution in the first place. Instead reward yourself for a more successful day or week than the previous one. Treat yourself with a movie, a news handbag or your favorite street food according to your pocket.
It may be possible that you may not make all of them this year but never lose hope. A new day is quite an opportunity for you to begin again.Be your own calendar. Also, just in case if you haven't yet decided any new year resolutions, don't wait for the next year to come. Better now than never. Happy New year guys!
P. S. Making resolutions are not mandatory!